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Will YOU help save an INNOCENT man's life?

"What would YOU do if it was YOUR brother?"

Ronnie Long desperately needs our help or he will DIE in prison! This is his reality. He was given 2 life sentences. His release date is April 20, 2056. Ronnie is 100% innocent & the evidence supports this. Will you help save an INNOCENT man's life? 

Free Ronnie Long

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Receiving mail means a great deal to Ronnie. It is extremely encouraging to receive letters/cards of support. Ronnie has been fighting since 1976, & he is getting tired although he will never give up. Please help us keep him encouraged! If you would like him to write you back, please include your contact information INSIDE your letter/card as the prison destroys the envelopes. 

Mr. Ronnie Long #0247905

PO Box 460 

Badin, NC 28009